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The snow came early to the Osage Nation this year and it was a beautiful sight to behold. I love the first snow of the Winter season and this one was just what my spirit needed. The cold crisp air sharpens my awareness to the blessing of what I call the cleansing of the land. Fresh soft fallen snow frames the gift of beauty that Mother Nature creates, the tall grasses of the Osage, the twisted branches of the oaks, the brightness of the green cedars, the sparkling  clearness of our waters and the glorious blues of our skies. I'm given a sense hurry to gather the sight of purity that visually focuses on the simple elegant beauty of shape and form of Mother Nature's richness. The snow seems to amplify the sounds of nature to make us more aware of the moment, the crunching snow beneath my feet, the whispers of the tall grasses as they bend to the wind, the fluttering wings of the birds as they fly about gathering their feast of the day. I can almost hear the stillness of Winter's coming. It is a time of reflection and gathering those blessings and giving thanks to the creator. Looking back at the snow I can see my footprints left behind and it reminds me of my journey here in the Osage through the years as a boy, as an artist, a Father & Grandfather, a business owner and you! You have nurtured me as a friend, a customer and inspired my many creations, I am thankful for all.

Sharing the Journey,


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<![CDATA[TADPOLE KISSES]]>Mon, 08 Jul 2013 20:06:55 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/tadpole-kissesPicture
Last night as I sat on the patio enjoying the quiet of evening without the fireworks in the background, I listened to the concert of chirping crickets in the grasses, the frogs in the pond and the locust in the trees. A warm gentle breeze danced shadows of tree limbs across the yard while the coyotes howled in the hills behind the house. It reminded me of years past when I was just a boy and Summers were spent mostly outside with my imagination. Digging in the dirt, riding my horse, playing in the fresh cut hay in the barn, hiking in the woods, climbing the trees, wading in the cold spring fed creek down the hill while tadpoles kissed my toes. The dancing waterbugs skimmed the mirror like surface of the water and dragonflies flew along dipping at the surface while minnows darted in groups from shadow to shadow. Hours spent in the sunshine left a healthy glow on your face and the ripe sweet blackberries left your fingers and teeth purple! Mom was hanging the wash on the cloths line and while she wasn't watching, you could hold the wet white sheets to cool your face if your hands were clean. The puppies kissing my feet and tumbling around like clowns made me giggle! Butterflies gently landing on my arm as if to be honoring the innocense of childhood.  The smell of fresh cut grass and the hum of dad's lawn mower in the background. Watching Mom take Dad a big ice cold glass of sweet tea as he smiled and drank the cold tea and sweat fell from his forehead.  The nicker of my horse everytime I was in sight filled me with the knowing that we were buddies forever.  Home made popsycles in paper cupps frozen hard as a rock.  Looking hours for four leaf clovers and really finding one. Catching horned toads and playing with them, tying a string on the leg of a June bug and watching him fly around in circles. Mom yelling "Suppers ready" and knowing it was going to be good and plenty of it! The cool night time bath and falling to sleep in the fresh washed sheets while my evening catch of lightening bugs glowed in the Mason jar on my dresser as Mother Natures concert played outside my window. I hope my Granddaughters will remember their Summers with the cherished fondness that their Grandfather remembers his!
Sharing the Journey,

<![CDATA["HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" "Becuase your Mother said so!"]]>Sat, 11 May 2013 18:19:04 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/happy-mothers-day-becuase-your-mother-said-soPicture
“Sit up straight, don’t forget to brush your teeth & say your prayers, say thank you & please,  mind your elders, dress nice for church, serve & trust the Lord, open the door for ladies, wash behind your ears, wash your hands, always do your best in school, respect your elders, say nice to meet you, do what is right, give your seat to the elderly, don’t pick your nose, hang up your clothes, choose your friends wisely, smile, say excuse me, think before you speak, say bless you, be kind & thoughtful, love everyone, go play outside, be polite, don’t take what is not yours, tell the truth, save for a rainy day, take a bath, don’t break the law, vote, take your muddy shoes off outside, close the door and shut out the light, eat your vegetables.” Because your Mother said so!

My Mother passed away a few years ago, I miss her every day and I miss all her little short lessons she taught me as well. The lessons were not always appreciated nor were they adhered to as she might have wanted. But I heard them and stored them for my journey. Now that I am older I hear these
lessons being passed on to my Granddaughters from their mothers, my daughters! I guess I might have mentioned a few of these lessons to my girls as they were growing up. Mom would be so very proud of my Daughters & Granddaughters just as I am.

Happy Mother’s Day Sallem & Tiercy you are good mothers and
great daughters and I am so thankful, for you both have blessed my

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, the lessons you taught serve us well and
I love you & miss you every day.

Ps. I still don’t eat my vegetables Mom!

<![CDATA[May 06th, 2013]]>Mon, 06 May 2013 21:32:37 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/may-06th-2013Picture
I was just a boy when the  white Preacher took some of our people to the creek. 
I held my Mothers hand  firmly as he yelled and shook the book at us. Mother
said it was for the good of  our people to follow and learn from this man as he
led us down the narrow path.  Father said he was like a Holy Man only louder and
all the yelling hurt his  ears. Father said that as far as he knew Wah-kon-ta
could hear just fine.  Most of the Mothers would listen to him knowing that
after he yelled  and cried for a while he would pass out things like food and
beads and a few  blankets.  I remember the cranes taking flight as the noisy man in black angrily coaxed us to  bunch up close together at the bank of the creek. He said he would wash away all our sins away and we would be like the whites. He said the white God would see us as one of them. He said we would live as civilized humans and not as savages. Most of what he spoke we didn't understand but that didn't seem to bother him. He seemed to quiet when some of the people followed him into the water and he took time to wash each
one of them as he intently spoke to the sky.
Preachers came and went as the years  passed and as the trees grew on the banks of Preacher Creek. The
Cranes used the trees to build their nest in but every time one of those Preachers would start yelling they would take flight. Father said he knew exactly how those cranes  felt. Later they built a white building for the
Preacher to yell in and in another little building on top of the big one they put a big noise maker. Father and the  cranes didn't like that much either.
Our people have scattered and the white building fell down in the wind one night. The Preacher doesn't come any more, the only thing left is the big noise maker that lays quietly in the mud and “The Cranes  from
Preacher Creek”
Sharing the Journey,
Cha' Tullis

<![CDATA["ONE OF MY MANY LOVES"]]>Fri, 03 May 2013 19:31:39 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/one-of-my-many-lovesPicture

I planted the flower pots full of brightly colored flowers last week as I do every year at the Gallery. The Gallery is and has always been one of my many loves, yes I love this old building and all that she entails. The stories of what she was in the old days, the many people that have entered her doors. Her place in the history of Indian Territory, the town of Hominy and the people that have lived and visited this place I call home the land of the Osage. I went to
work as a teenager in this old brick building not knowing how much she would
become a part of my journey. Built in 1906 when this land was known as Indian
Territory as a Bank to serve the people of a community full of pride, hope and
possibilities. I’m am sure that many fulfilled their dreams of a better
tomorrow. The old building would serve many purposes throughout the years as a
dress shop, a shoot & spit (pool hall), jewelry store and an art gallery. I
am in constant search of how I can remodel her, not to modernize but to honor
her grace and share her beauty with those willing to take the time to really see
her. She is not what I call a “Fancy Smancy” building but rather a peaceful,
tranquil reminder of yesterdays past. She has stood the test of the wild
Oklahoma frontier’s weather, the reluctant owner’s upkeep & the ambitious
owner’s to modernize her. I embrace her character and charm with more ambition
to preserve her story as a reminder that she is special in the journeys of many.
My journey as I know it could not be if it were not for this old building, I
might have been more financially prosperous in another location and at times I
have wondered of what might have been. But then I am reminded of the comfort she
brings to my spirit and the joy I am gifted with making her shine in her golden
years. Yes she has become that old pair of worn-out shoes that are just too
comfortable to throw out, she gives me comfort, stability & inspiration. I
have filled her with the creations that she has inspired in me as she settles my
spirit and gifts me with a knowing that truly I need her as much as she needs
me. So next time you visit Cha’ Tullis Gallery and enjoy the flowers out front
take a moment and “see” this old building for what she really is, one of my many
loves, and an important part of my journey!

Sharing the Journey,

<![CDATA["CHICKEN POX! Oh no not chicken pox"]]>Wed, 13 Mar 2013 20:29:59 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/chicken-pox-oh-no-not-chicken-poxPicture
"Chicken Pox! Oh no, not chicken pox" I theatricaly proclaimed. "Daddy can Sydnie spend a few days with you?" Sallem pleaded. "She can't go to school and I can't stay home because I have parent teacher meetings all week." So off we go to pick up the kid and all the necessities of a nine year old girl in a crisis, comfy cloths, Tinker (her kinda pink or very faded purplish, tattered teddy bear), medicine, I pod, a bag of candy and toothbrush. Yep that is exactly what a nine year old girl must have in a life altering crisis. I could tell she didn't feel good just by looking at her, you know, sad eyes, frown and that very weak voice. "Oh Sweetheart, Grandfather is so sorry you don't feel good, I'll stay home with you for a few days and we will have fun & get you feeling better!"  Sydnie fell asleep on the sofa cuddled up in one of my favorite pendleton blankets. About eleven pm Miss Teena said it was time to go to bed and motioned for me (in her military commando way) to fetch the kid. "Look at her, what an angel" I whispered as I bent over and picked up this beautiful, (oh my stars, she's heavy and this 112 year old back of Grandfathers is not as strong as it once was) angel. The hallway seemed as if it was three blocks long as I huffed & puffed my way to the bedroom. I gracefully bent over to lower her and then the 112 year old back just said "close enough" as Sydnie fell to the mattress. "Opps" I said as Sydnie opened her eyes in surprise and confusion, "Night, night Sweetheart" I wispered as I kissed her forehead.

"Grandfather wake up!" Sydnie loudly announced at seven thirty in the morning, not at all in the weak voice that she performed last night. Oh wait she is healed and the day begins with a giant sized bowl of frosted flakes and a pure chocolate candy bar washed down with Pepsi. Now that is a breakfast even Grandfather approves of and gleefully joins. We start our day painting a picture & making prayer sticks while listening to cartoons and then we eat our turkey & cheese sandwiches with Funyuns for lunch. Oh this child is the perfect partner for an old spoiled Grandfather. Miss Teena left early to open the Gallery for the day.( I think she needed her time away from the harmonious homelife of a nine & a hundred twelve year old running on sugar) . I noticed that Sydnie was a little bit bored and so we put our shoes on our feet, gathered a couple of walking sticks, bundled up in our coats and headed for a hike. "Grandfather look" Sydnie says as she points to the deer tracks left in the mud,  I love to take hikes with the kids & granddaughters, over the years we have discovered so many awe inspiring creations shared by Mother Earth. About an hour into our adventure I suddenly point out a white spotted owl flying through the trees above and Miss Sydnie & I talk about how & why owls can fly without making noise. Back in the deep woods is what I call the forgotten pond and Sydnie discovers a tree stump that a beaver had cut with his sharp teeth to build his home. Another hour and Grandfather insist on sitting down in the tall grass to just enjoy the prairie ( and to catch his breath & calm his shakey legs) and watch the clouds dance!  After a few "I'm ready to go home" remarks of impatience from Miss Sydnie we head to the house for a cool drink of water. I open the old rusted barbed wire gate and as Miss Sydnie cautiously passes I see it. The most vivid red cardinal (my Grandmother's favorite bird) fluttering about in a cedar tree as if to remind me to recognize the importance of this journey I shared with Miss Sydnie today. Sallem took Miss Sydnie to the Doctor and it is not chicken pox, the kid has shingles, and much to my disappointment she is back in the classroom today. I'm thinking with a little help from Grandfather and a red magic marker she might just come down with a severe case of measles next week!

Sharing the Journey,

<![CDATA["WISDOM'S WINGS"]]>Sat, 09 Mar 2013 19:51:10 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/wisdoms-wingsPicture
Thursday night Miss Teena & I went to our Granddaughter Codie's concert to see her perform. Grandfather is all about performing you know and as far as I'm concerned Codie was the star! The Mannford Elementary School was full of kids, parents & Grandparents and the show was GREAT. Codie's teacher gave us a special tour of her room and we got to see Codie's newly planted sunflower seeds in a soil filled cup. As we headed to the door to leave, Gary, Codie's Daddy snapped this photo. Grandfather, Sydona, Kylie, Sydnie & Codie in front of "WISDOM'S Wings" a mural I painted in 1994. This is the only mural i have painted in a school and it was long before I even thought about having Granddaughters. I think it is pretty cool that my Granddaughters ended up in the only school that I painted a mural in! The Granddaughters were all excited that Grandfather had painted this big mural in the school and I thought it was pretty cool too! Now Sydnie wants me to paint a mural in her school in Sandsprings, that decision is the schools but as far as I'm concerned what ever my girls want I'll do!  The Family celebrated the night with a visit to the diner and I celebrated the night being surrounded by my girls! Grandfather's spirit is fed, what a feast, what a glorious feast!
Sharing the Journey,

<![CDATA["The Show Must Go On"]]>Wed, 06 Mar 2013 18:33:08 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/the-show-must-go-onPicture
Thirty Six years ago Miss Teena & I were married in South Carolina. This morning we celebrated our wedding Anniversary with our annual "imaginary" gift exchange! I gave Miss Teena a beach house & a new car with all the bells & whistles, She gave me a big ranch on the Osage and a high spirited Appaloosa to ride. We are so happy with the thought that went into the selection of each "imaginary" gift as we both know after thirty six years what the other wishes to have. Over the years I have added many things to my wish list and some things I have managed to mark off the list as I acquired them. But the funny thing is now after sharing thirty six years with Miss Teena I realize that on my list is the need to be able to give her what is on her list, and it is on the TOP of my list above the things I want for myself.  She is after all the best fried chicken cooker of all time, the award winning best Mother & Gamma in the world and the most beautiful woman I know. 
This journey of mine has been a twisted, curious, confusing, costly, rewarding theatrical performance. I know I could not have found a better partner to share the ride with than Miss Teena and I am forever grateful that she has embraced the fact that "The Show Must Go On".
The last few months I have spent countless hours at the computer, taking pictures & editing the new web-site www.chatullis.com while she kept the Gallery open and gave me the time & space I needed. Sunday we will celebrate our anniversary together enjoying the day and then on Monday I'm hoping the best fried chicken cooker of all time will work her magic!
Sharing the Journey,

<![CDATA[NEWS FLASH.....]]>Mon, 04 Mar 2013 21:32:27 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/news-flashPicture

The Cha' Tullis web-site has a new look with many new items & some of the old favorites!  We have spent months working on & editing the site making it easy to navigate & safe & secure to make your purchases. I had lost control of the web-site in part to the fact that I needed expert help. My new webmaster Jimmie Ratliff has joined the circus & saved the day! This is the first time my jewelry has been offered on the web-site along with gifts & relics.  Please visit the site & please, please, please share the site with all of your family & friends, I am so very grateful for your help. Now that I have control the site will be in constant change with all the new & exciting treasures of Cha' Tullis Gallery!
Please visit www.chatullis.com as soon as possible!
Sharing the Journey,
Cha' Tullis

<![CDATA[I Can See Clearly Now]]>Mon, 01 Sep 2008 23:41:23 GMThttp://chatullis.com/sharing-the-journey/i-can-see-clearly-nowSeptember 2008

I’m on the front porch watching the cows in the pasture when I notice one standing quietly in the shade of a big cedar tree.  I suddenly realize now that it’s two cows standing very closely together.  I squint to focus my eyes and suddenly one cow disappears.  So I focus in on a fence post and the same thing happens, one post than two, then one again.  I’m so stunned; I’ve never had trouble seeing before.  So I’m off to see the eye Doctor, and after a few tests he informs me that I need glasses. “No way” I annoyingly and might I add disgustingly yell out.  “Cha’ you’re lucky, usually this happens at a much younger age” he tries to calm me.  “My age” I once again annoyingly and disgustingly yell out.  I suppose at this point I realized the Doctor is desperately trying to handle the moment as delicately as possible so I attempt to be somewhat calmer.  After explaining that I don’t want the responsibility of wearing glasses and keeping up with their location at all times, he suggest contacts.  “Contacts sound better; I think I can do contacts.” I muster with a still reluctant disgusted quiver in my voice.  Inside I’m still a little angry about the age remark, but the man is trying to offer options.  So after about two weeks the call comes and I’m off to pick up my new contacts.  Surprisingly I have no trouble with the putting them in and taking them out test and Doc tells me to try them for a couple of weeks and then he’ll test my vision again.  The next morning I spend five hours trying to get them in and later that night about two hours getting them out.  “I’ve just got to practice” I tell myself “you can do this” after all I’m not too “old” to learn something new!  Ok I’m getting a lot better and it’s been about a month now so at “My age” I can learn new tricks.

Our Son Chasin came home from Korea in August after a little over a year and it was wonderful to have him home again.  We had a great visit and about two weeks into his visit Chasin’s best friend since kindergarten came in from Kansas for five days.  I must admit it was so much fun to have Chasin and Mathew home again after all these years.

They were quite the pair growing up together and getting into trouble on regular occasions.  They were in and out of the house during their visit but always back in time to eat.  Mathew went home on Sunday and Chasin left for his assignment in Georgia on Monday.

After the dust settled and the quiet of just Miss Teena and I returned I realized how tired I was, those boys were a handful.  How did I keep up with all that business when they were boys!  And then those awful words the bad, mean Doctor spoke came back to bite me, that “age” remark.  OK so maybe I am a little older and maybe I do need contacts but on a good day I could still take on both those boys with one arm tied behind my back.   I think I’ll just take a nap now and rest up before their next visit!

Sharing the Journey